“Ms. Linda “Pearl” Fils-Aime is a strong, vibrant new voice in the arena of youth empowerment. She has a dynamic and compelling message which resonates with today’s teens. Through her interaction and dialogue with youth, it is quite clear she has made the commitment to positively impact tomorrow’s leaders.”

– Kevin Morris, Senior Consultant, Seeds of Success

I just want to say you are a natural born teacher. I have been a teacher almost 18 years. You communicate well. You motivate. And your message has a down to earthness about it. You are a true inspiration to the young people, and all that hear your message and your story. I really wish there were more people like you in the teaching profession.
– Keith Turner, Tutor at WL Brady Recreation Center

I attend the Pearl School of Modeling, and on my first day I was pleased to learn how structured the classes are.I also learned how to walk the runway. Pearl is very patient, and breaks down everything you need to know.
– Diah Cymone, Student of Pearl School of Modeling

My daughter and everyone she interacts with will benefit from the powerful lessons led by Ms. Pearl and her Academy. Laila Simone Moore has also benefited from the positive, social engagement with the other young ladies in the group. I am so honored to be a Mother of Pearls and look forward to this academy being shared with families internationally.
– Parent, Juanita Cato

It is very rare to meet someone as awesome as you! You seem to want others to have that same awesomeness or better. You push them rather than beat them down and I appreciate that! I just love your spirit of honesty and love. I am honored to be apart of Pearl School Of Modeling.

– Star Scott, Student of Pearl School of Modeling

Shout-out to Pearl’s Leadership Academy for providing a platform for our girls to experience opportunities that they had never imagined they would be interested in pursuing. For bringing out the best in them. For building their confidence. For tapping into their hidden talents. For your entrepreneurship spirit. For building future leaders. For showing them that modeling entails more than ripping the runway, posing, and getting a great photo. For this, I salute you! Job well done.
– Tracie Thomas, Parent of Pearl School of Modeling

You are an amazing mentor/leader. In just a few months you’ve turned our little princess into a thriving entrepreneur, leader& more enthusiastic about her future career plans we salute you Ms. Pearl.
– Mona Howell, Parent of Pearl School of Modeling

 “PEARL SCHOOL OF MODELING came to Miami yesterday. After watching her promos on Facebook, I could not help but think”My daughter needs something like this”. Unfortunately for me, the school is in Atlanta. My daughter Tiyami: smart girl, sweet and beautiful. Usually she is the tallest in a group but she tries to shrink herself. She is sooo shy. Yesterday at the Modeling workshop, PEARLS introduced her to a new way of thinking about herself. Be Confident, Poised, and for Goodness sakes, stop being afraid to “SPEAK UP.” (She is like a mouse.) We mother’s seem to nag the kids with this all the time. Pearl was a great buffer in delivering this message as she spoke with the experience of being an Ebony Fashion model. It was so cool to see the more extroverted girls shine and the more shy girls step out of their comfort zone. (And those CASH PRIZES were great motivation for letting their light shine..lol) GREAT JOB Pearl Fils-Aime…thanks for sharing your knowledge with the Miami girls. We bout to go practice our walk chile!”

– Tama Frederick, Parent of student of Pearl School of Modeling

Life is a runway…own it and walk that runway! Thanks  for all your guidance. It’s working!
 – Leah Fleming, Student of Pearl School of Modeling

 The Pearl School of Modeling has been a life changing for my daughter Jamison. Through your class my daughter has discovered her love for modeling. But most importantly after being bullied during 4th she found her voice as an anti-bullying activist. I have watched her confidence grow and she feels she has found purpose. Not to mention she has found a role model who is living exactly what she wants to do…..a model and a teacher. You and the school have been a blessing. Thank you Pearl. Meeting you was divine order!
– Sybil Elie, Parent of student of Pearl School of Modeling

Thank you for helping me gain confidence in what I do and pushing me to achieve greatness. You have given me confidence in my walk and myself.
De’Anna Liz, Student of Pearl School of Modeling

A Lady Named Pearl is the best modeling and leadership program out. Pearl Fils-Aime is an amazing instructor and the girls really love her!! Both of my daughters have taken her classes over the past several years and w/o fail, she always takes them to another level of growth and development. Keep up the good work!

– Jhavaun Green, Parent of student of Pearl School of Modeling

Thank you Pearl’s Leadership Academy for bringing out the best in Taylor, and for developing the leader within her!

– Tracie Thomas, Parent of student of Pearl School of Modeling

Thank you Pearl Fils-Aime. You have taken my daughter’s confidence level up at least 10 notches. I can’t wait for whatever else you have in store.

– Sandra Jean, Parent of student of Pearl School of Modeling

I am so proud of my baby! Thank you Pearl for bringing out the best in her! She has definitely become more confident, articulate and poised since coming to your Modeling & Leadership Academy.

– Lillian Blades, Parent of student of Pearl School of Modeling

Ms. Pearl, just want to say thank you, and that Myia is learning to perfect her walk and is gaining self confidence each week and looks forward to the upcoming weeks. We are impressed too.

-Gloria Moulton, Parent of student of Pearl School of Modeling 

Student Success Stories

Former Student of Pearl School of ModelingStudent Melissa Kyelem, has gone on to have a successful modeling career in New York.

Former Student of Pearl School of ModelingStudent Mylasia Campbell, received 1st runner up in the Clark Atlanta University NAACP Pageant. It was her first pageant, and we are very proud of her.

Pearl School of ModelingStudent Olivia Warren of Pearl School of Modeling, appears in Essence.




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