We are excited to announce that we now have dance and acting classes in our curriculum.

Trina Parks, former Bond Girl, trained in Dunham technique, will be teaching our dance classes.

Michelle Watson, Emmy Award Filmmaker, will be teaching our acting classes.



Ms. Trina Parks, 1st African American Bond Girl, will be joining Pearl School of Modeling as a dance instructor starting Fall 2018 in Atlanta, GA!

Ms. Parks has worked with Sean Connery in Diamonds Are Forever, Sammy Davis Jr., and studied with Katherine Dunham.
We are thankful to have this legend as an instructor at Pearl School of Modeling.
Photo by Terrell Clark
Clothing Wilbourn Sisters
MUA Juxtapose Beauty



Photo by Skyy Wonders Photography

MUA Juxtapose Beauty

On Set: Stylist Nia Julian & Art Beam


Pearls Are Forever, Pearl School Of Modeling and Leadership Show

Article courtesy of Bold Favor Media

Founder of Pearl School of Modeling Pearl Fils-Aime (Photo by Skyywondersphotography)

Beauty, Talent, Brains and Adorableness that’s the words I can use to describe the “Pearls Are Forever Modeling and Leadership Show” organized by Founder of Pearl School of Modeling Pearl Fils-Aime.  This is a school that was formed to make models and leaders. This show was put together to recognize the students of the agency who are graduating to the next level or as Pearl herself calls it “Entering into the Sisterhood.” Yessssss Queens! The line up consisted of the young talented students who not only ripped the runway but a few of them even showcased their very on designs made by them. How impressive is that?

Upon my arrival I checked in and immediately noticed the room full of BOLD Beautiful ladies of Pearl eagerly prepairing to bring what I found to be one of the BEST modeling shows I’ve ever seen. From hair and make up, to last minute wardrobe prep and rehearsing their lines, it was a breath of pleasant fresh air watching them get ready. I couldn’t wait!

(Photos by Skyywondersphotography)


I cased the room observing to the anxious guests as they sat patiently waiting for the Pearls to rip the runway. Many of them there to support their very own family and friends who were on the program scheduled to perform. The camera man was in place, the photographer was on point and ofcoarse we at BOLD Favor Media Group was in the building!

(Photos by Bold Favor Media Group)



Then……..SHOWTIME!!! Here came the Pearls!!

(Photo by Skyywondersphotography)
(Photo by Skyywondersphotography)









The Girls were Gorgeous but we were all in for a treat as the Key Note Speaker of the evening was definitely a Pearl herself. She was the first African American to be a Bond Girl and she appeared in the 1971 James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever.”  Dressed in a gorgeous dress who she informed me was designed just for her. Trina Parks is her name. She’s an actress and dancer most known for her break through role in the Bond Film. Oh did I mention she knows karate?  Haaaaa YaHHHH!!! This was one of the reasons she was selected for the film. Now how cool is that? She was definitely a Queen as she made her way to the stage she and Founder Pearl Fils-Aime shared a 5 second dance to the James Bond themed music in the background. (Go Girls!) It was pretty fly!

She was very eloquent and poised Mrs. Parks was. She’s definitely a show stopper and she had everyones attention as she humbly yet proudly spoke about her journey and life after her role in the Bond Film. She’s a story teller and a great one at that letting us in on all her little secrets of success. It was like something out of a story book, especially when she spoke on one of the guys she encountered eventually becoming her husband. I wanted to hear more but you all know me as the “Love Mama” I’m a hopeless romantic!  I enjoyed myself and I will note it was a packed house! The girls soared and Ms. Pearl Fils-Aime, you should be proud as you make a difference in the lives of these girls each and everyday!

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Article by Tinzley Bradford (AKA the Love Mama)


Actress Trina Parks posing with the Ladies of Pearls Graduates. (Photo by Skyywondersphotography)
Mrs Parks and her dance assistant at the Diamonds are Forever Modeling and Leadership Show.


PEARLS ARE FOREVER | Modeling & Leadership Show
We look forward to seeing you at our event this Sunday, June 3rd! Ticket sales end at 12 noon.

Get your tickets today for an amazing event, showcasing the talent of our youth and community!
We are honored to have Ms. Trina Parks serve as the keynote speaker. Ms. Trina, played the role of Thumper, the 1st African American Bond Girl, on Diamonds Are Forever. She will be sharing her journey and pearls of wisdom about the industry. Tickets are available online at