Our Board

Daniel Enger

Daniel Enger is passionate about stories – telling them, listening to them, and understanding and amplifying those of young people to catalyze social change locally and globally. Together with Emory’s Dr. Kate Winskell, Enger founded Global Dialogues in 1997 and serves as the NGO’s International Coordinator. GD aims to promote global health and societal well-being through integrated, youth-driven solutions fueled by creativity and multidisciplinary partnership. Enger’s primary responsibility is to find and foster synergies between remarkable people working in the diverse realms that intersect and interlink in Global Dialogues’ program of activities: youth voice, education, film, social media, narrative research, and advocacy. Today, Enger and the GD team worldwide are trying to understand how to help unleash the collective potential of people’s stories, video and social media to cultivate empathy and compassion in response to the challenges humanity faces.

Sharon Orlopp

After spending 30+ years in Fortune 500 companies in senior executive roles in HR and Diversity & Inclusion, I’m excited about a new chapter of my life. I’ve gone from working for the largest company in the world to being a part of an amazing team at a blockchain technology start-up, Core Scientific.

There are rare moments in life where a window of opportunity opens and it’s best to jump in with both feet. Core Scientific offers a trifecta of emerging technology, an experienced leadership team, and a CEO with proven results in public and private companies. Blockchain technology provides transparent, decentralized networks and transactions which are the next huge wave in technology.

I’m a strong believer in personal health and organizational health; I am also the HR Director for Big Horns Enterprises which owns Orangetheory Fitness studios in the Seattle area. The Orangetheory Fitness team in Seattle was recently awarded the Orangetheory Fitness Group of the Year Award in 2018!

I am a storyteller at heart. Stories create human connection. Stories are emotion in motion. We all have a story within us. I am fascinated and mesmerized by other people’s stories. I am an inspirational speaker and author with a keen bent on stories that touch the heart and change behaviors.

I recently co-authored Standing Up After Saigon with Thuhang Tran. Thuhang’s incredible odyssey is a testimony of familial love and triumph through continued adversity. Thuhang was born in Saigon near the end of the Vietnam War and developed polio as a toddler. Her father was separated from the family for 15 years. Thuhang’s journey reveals what life was like after the communists captured South Vietnam as well as the challenges she faced immigrating to the U.S. Thuhang remained hopeful and resilient through all the hurdles she has faced. Her story inspires others to find strength through perseverance.

Standing Up After Saigon is available at Walmart.com, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.