Pearl School of Modeling

Congratulations on being accepted to the 2018 Pearl School of Modeling Program.

For our 2018 Fall Academic Semester, we have a curriculum of 12 weeks.

Classes will officially begin on September 9th, 2018 from 3pm to 5pm.


Payment options:

Tuition for 12 weeks: $599 pay in full (must be paid in full by September 5th)

or monthly payment option – $299 deposit by September 5th, $100 a month afterwards

Pearl School of Modeling (2018 Fall)
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Pearl Alumni Society (This organization is for students, who have graduated from the year program, and crossed over as a Pearl)

The alumni society have the options to attending any classes in our program for further training in modeling, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, access to modeling and leadership opportunities.

12 months = $25 each month = $299 yearly due for alumni society

Pearl School of Modeling (2018 Academic Year)
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