Entrepreneurship Highlight: Myriam Taylor of Muxima

One of our three pillars at Pearl School of Modeling is entrepreneurship. We challenge our Pearls to create a business plan, implement it, and begin their business in their semester. We felt it important to add an entrepreneur highlight to the newsletter” to bring awareness to the numerous business owners that could positively influence our readers.
Myriam Taylor, of Portugal, is the daughter of Angolan war refugees who sought asylum in Europe. Taylor found it to hard to fit in Europe especially as a black child with textured hair. Only in recent years has it become trendy for women of color to wear their hair naturally. Taylor had a vision for women of color to wear their hair with confidence while embracing it and without compromising it.
When Taylor became pregnant, she decided to refrain from using chemicals in her hair.  She found it challenging to find good products for her hair type. In 2016, Taylor decided to create a luxury hair-care business, Muxima and a biotechnology company, Muxima Bio. Her product line includes caviar-based shampoos, conditioners, and oils made from bio ingredients to nourish the hair. Each product was made with love and from her heart; Muxima in the Angolian language of Kimbundu, means “heart”.
Her products have been featured in Essence and Forbes magazines. Myriam is not just an enterpriser,  she is an advocate for social humanitarian causes! She believes in being a voice for inequality especially for victims of domestic violence and war orphans in Angolia! She continues the fight for social justice by giving her time to these causes in various European cities.
View/purchase her products at https://www.muxima.net/
Follow her on Instagram: @muximaofficial
Contributing Writer: Lauren Burford, VP of the Pearls
Photo Credit: Kazanuba, Instagram: @musximaofficial

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