Liris Crosse was born in Randallstown, Maryland! Crosse is a model, actress and author! In the modeling industry Crosse is a pioneer for plus-size and African-American women; she has worked with American Vogue, Essence and British Cosmopolitan Magazines.

Also, she has done campaigns for Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart! Crosse was the first plus-size model that won Project Runway in 2017! The state of Maryland presented Crosse with the Plus Print Model of the Year award and 500 award from The Block Association. In addition, Crosse has also graced the movie industry with her appearances in the films “The Best Man”, “Baby Boy” and Crosse’s documentary named “Perfect Her”, television series “The Wire”, “Law & Order SVU” and many more! Crosse also in the author of the book called Make The World Your Runway: Top Model Secrets for Everyday Confidence and Success! Crosse’s motto is “If you think it, you can do it!” She encourages and motivates others to follow and achieve their dreams! 

You can follow her on Instagram @lirisc

Photo credit: Runwaylive, Baltimore Times

Contributing Writer: Jeysika Henry, Fashion Show Production Manager/Social Media Manager

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