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I am friends with a lot of remarkable people in this world. Some that have been call ‘legend’. So you would think, that I could keep my cool around everyone, yet, not this particular guest. After, speaking to her for our pre-call, some would say I lost it, by screaming; really, I just wanted to let this model know how much of a fan I am.
Jeyza Gary, a 21 year model based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, is the first to model with the skin condition called Lamellar Ichthyosis. 
Lamellar ichthyosis can be caused by mutations in one of many genes, responsible for providing instructions for making proteins that are found in the outermost layer of the skin, or the epidermis. Most often, lamellar ichthyosis is caused by a mutation of the TGM1 gene, which serves to help form a barrier between the body and the environment around you.

Jeyza Gary

MMT: Tell us about your childhood?
Jeyza: I was born with a skin condition called Lamellar ichthyosis. It’s rare and effects about 1 in 100,000, and I was the lucky one.
Once my family realize they did not want me to feel like a victim, that’s where everything started. I had to go to school, if I wasn’t feeling it, I had to go to school, unless I was sick, I went to school. There was no pity from anyone.
I get a lot of strength from my family, and they instilled in me this confidence and boldness I have to pursue modeling. 
Jeyza is signed to We Speak Models. She signed a contract in April 2019.
Jeyza: ‘I am so glad, I allow myself to led, before I do things,’ says Jeyza. 
MMT: Is being led, being still, and listening to your intuition?

Jeyza: Absolutely. You know that still small voice, your mind will try and make you feel like you don’t know it, but you definitely do. And, sometimes we go for things, that we know aren’t really for us, and then try and act bummed out it doesn’t work.

So I wasn’t really impacted when those agencies, did not reach back out to me (the first agencies Jeyza pursued). I looked on their boards, and I did not want to be a token. I want to go somewhere, where I can fit in, and stand out at the same time, and that’s where being led comes in. 
MMT: Did you have training in modeling, prior to getting signed? Or did you learn after?
Jeyza: I received my training after. I had to adapt. It’s ok if things don’t come in order, often times we think it has to, but sometimes it happens completely out of order. For me, I try and stay authentic. I don’t like looking at other models, I want to critique what I do. That keeps me grounded, because comparison kills. And in this industry there’s a lot of that, and I just don’t want to do that. Down to the way that I pose, take pictures, and to the stylistic quality I bring, I know its my own, and I want to keep it that way. 
MMT: How did you get the national Target Ad, and get on the cover of Glamour UK?
Jeyza: My agent submits me for different jobs, that she feels embody me. I had 15 that I did not get before I booked Target. I had no clue that it was going to be a national campaign. It was so well received that they asked me to come back for the second wave. It happened very fast. 
For the Glamour UK cover, I went to NYFW, for castings, and got a call from my agent, and she said Glamour UK, wanted me to be a part of the Self Love issue. I know I was coming to New York for a purpose, but I thought it was something completely different. In that short amount of time, I booked another job, and I got my first cover.
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